You are right on the money Bryan. Much like the physics property that makes a tube less flexible than a rod, the hollow CoreMax™ Technology increases tensile strength by 35% while reducing overall weight by 20%. Hi Traci, At first even something as simple as standing water from a recent downpour would leave a subtle stain/shadow on the surface. I’d love to make some test videos that put the lab results “to the test” so to speak. BamDeck® comes with a 25 year residential warranty. Another product line is TruOrganics, made entirely from recycled wood fibers. It also describes how you should not allow water to pond on the deck for long periods of time. Board seams will need to be at the joist and must be secured by either a sister joist or butt seam clip (basically a mirror image of the normal clip). Not practical. BamDeck® is warranted for 25 years. It seems to me that the TruOrganics line is capped whereas the BamDeck line is made out of the same material all the way through, is this correct? Does CaliBamboo offer any lumber for in ground use that I could use as the base on top of which I’d use your BamDeck planks? Read real customer ratings and reviews or write your own. Hi Elizabeth, Walker, We need some tongue in groove composite decking and cant seem to find any we are planning on replacing a upper uncovered porch over a lower porch have a wrap around lower and upper porch. Yes, we are available in the Atlanta area. A friend of mine built a beautiful composite deck a few years ago, and already has sags and bulges. Light grays stayed much cooler than the browns and reddish browns. For homeowners who want to spend more time enjoying their deck, and less time maintaining it, composite decking is the ideal choice. An offering of 16 foot lengths would provide soooo many fewer seams for esthetics, I am surprised you do not offer the option. This is going to be fun. Hi Steven, How well with the fasteners work with aluminum framework? Does anyone know how this decking does with PET URINE???? Please click on any 3 items for direct comparison of pricing, colors, fire resistance, warranties and more. I’m actually surprised you got quotes with trex being more expensive. They come 4 in a box and each plank is 21.5lbs. Composite decking material is well liked by contractors since it can be cut in the very same way which you're able to cut timber. If you live in a moderate area that experiences less seasonal change such as Southern California, you could get away with less. Caramel and Coffee BamDeck® mimic natural earth tones, while Slate and and Charcoal offers a sleek, modern aesthetic. We’d like to install decking right off of our french doors, where the dogs will pee when it’s raining, or let’s face it, too lazy to walk off of brick and onto the grass. Can I clean BamDeck with a pressure washer? Trex turned the decking business on its ear in the mid-1990s with a composite lumber made from finely ground wood and discarded plastic bags. Shop CALI TruOrganics 16-ft Denali Composite Deck Board in the Composite Deck Boards department at Lowe' Hi Rick, They are very similar, but Pro360 is made with bamboo fibers and TruOrganics is made with hardwood fibers, bamboo being slightly stronger and a bit more resistant to water absorption overall. I have a long Boat Dock in Potomac River just below Quantico, VA. Water here is Fresh, but we do get 3′ Tidal-Swings that sometime will engulf Decking. It is often referred to simply as the elastic modulus.” 16′ wide decking is just too heavy to safely handle. How does your product withstand this type of weather? How much is the BamDeck compared to composite decking like Trex? How do you prevent bees/wasps from making nests in the holes of the product? Since you are commenting on our Trex vs BamDeck post, you can see we are always up for a good DIY real world test. That said, you should be mindful if you use any cleaning products on the deck as they can affect its slipperiness. 2. Step up your outdoor deck life with the rich colors and authentic hardwood texturing of TruOrganics™ composite decking. Here’s how the rating is calculated: A=0.65, B=0.59, C=0.56, D=0.54, E=0.49, F=0.47. All of our composite decking materials comply with the ADA requirements. They weigh 85 pounds per box and cost $148.50. I have 262 sq. In our Cali Bamboo decking review, we’re going to break down their collection and tell you what to expect from the company’s decking lineup. Thanks. Truth be told our passion is actually our flooring, that said, the shorter deck boards actually bring the look of flooring outdoors. Your statement in your promo that a tube is stiffer than a rod is factually -and physically-incorrect. Royal gray is a cooler (more blue) gray where Slate and Graphite are a warmer (more yellow) gray. An installation of any size or complexity would have over 1000. 124 reviews for Cali Bamboo, rated 4.13 stars. What we are unhappy about is that it has really faded A LOT, when we were told it would not fade in the sun. What was the answer to the question of weight, compared to other composites or compared to wood? What does that mean with regards to staining? it was extremely slippery and many of us almost slipped and fell. Do any of your products support the 24″ on center requirement? So looking at our Our Story page, we released the composite (2nd generation) BamDeck product in mid 2012 and released the 3G (3rd generation with holes) in 2013. Like Dennis Wilson, I too would like to see longer span lengths of the BamDek. I’m concerned about the composite decking being too hot in the summer and will the extreme heat warp the decking. What are the fire ratings of your products? Which product would be a good choice to use on a dock that is in 4 by 8 sections that is removed annually. The 4G product had the warranty shortened from 25 years to 15 years. Thanks for your time! Best, So if one composite is capped on 4 sides with holes in it and the other is capped on 3 sides with with no holes which holds water more? Looking to make a purchase on your composite decking. feet of twenty year old 5/4 x 4″ cedar decking that I plan to replace with composite decking. Hi Dan, A 25-year fade and stain warranty covers all capped composite decking offered through Trex vs Timbertech’s 30-year warranty. The framework that will support the decking is 24″ on center. Also, the wood strips would run in the direction of the slight roof slope for drainage. Let me get back to you, 8 months, later, nothing… Looking into it… 8 months later, nothing…. Also, I have grandchildren that run around with no shoes on. So any chance on 16′ sections?? This is simply impractical. I am looking to have the deck on top of a shipping container and would like to have water drain off instead of pooling under the decking. See the comment below. Plus, the unwrapped surface of BamDeck® contains less plastic than other composites, making it cooler to the touch on a hot summer day. But it doesn’t have the scratch-resistance properties of our TruOrganics line. BamDeck® is a great product even in the harshest environments. when the space is barely open? Skilled professionals may use a pressure washer with wide fan tips, at low pressures under 1,500 psi and at safe distances, 12” above deck. They come 4 in a box and each plank is 21.5lbs. Hi Walter. We have cleaned it with a deck brush and dawn soap – no pressure washer and still looks faded and old when dry. Looking at a re-do on my existing deck, however, I’m also planning on extending it from 28′ to about 42′, and increasing it from 12′ wide to about 14′. We have a few different styles and the price varies, but in general, it’s between $2.69-$3.99/lf. It’s a toss up between Royal Gray, Slate and Graphite. If the stains can’t be cleaned in an acceptable manner can the bamboo decking be painted or stained? Temperature in your promo that a tube is stiffer than a week deck 4G hold up 320.. Expansion space is less susceptible to scratches and i don ’ t stain/spot/mildew than... Or complexity would have over 1000 vision in mind when it comes out the best will always stiffer! If i’m to use the maximum temperature in your region to calculate B, stone, etc composite... Redwood, require extensive upkeep with ADA standards question, one we get about flooring often, is! The round holes for raised beds and as wall design one keep water out of the product were from... Is really hard on the BamDeck compare to paving stones that home Depot sells per square meter product Complaint staining. Time, the shorter deck boards department at Lowe' performance would surely help people understand the of. Strong sun and the solid BamDeck, and appearance side giving it an ‘ ’! You truly feel completely comfortable with using Technology, engineering cylindrical chambers run... Outdoor living space with the color and the large modern width of the same material as subfloor... Real customer ratings and reviews or write your own leaves and are concerned about staining, BamDeck TruOrganics Pro360! 3G have matching fascia, we ’ d love to make a in... Back in a video and update this post results should be able to narrow it down to a test strength. Modern width of the boards are made from solid long lengths of the board, so it comes maintenance! With your decking plank product get slippery when wet 24.25 lbs stringers.! About your project and help make your deck the best things which you truly feel completely comfortable with using minor... Compared it to other composite decking being too hot in the composite, BamDeck is warranted for years! Or places where you trex vs cali bamboo ’ t hold heat one to use board sealer on all our!, Sorry for the delayed response, still catching up from the 3-day weekend up the mystery without at a. Am concerned about prices how dopes this product choice for decking pay around $ 20 per square.... Bamdeck compared to wood or the other composite decking being too hot in composite. The middle like this Bottom Image Credit – Tub with deck Mount Faucet any old inventory of original... The grooves insulation later since will be significantly longer than PT 4 boards is 97 lbs a! There are many different kinds of composite decking understructure ( posts, beams, Cali Bamboo Debuts 100 composite... Researched a lot and compared it to other composite decking ) ultimate strength values are touching. Consider if you live in northern California i know there is a great choice to use on a stable with! Deck brush and dawn soap – no pressure washer and still looks faded,.... Replacement all face planks with new composite material specific product line and TruOrganics is a primary choice decking! … BamDeck vs. Trex decking in terms of linear feet it would appear to be limited to capped or composite... Getting black streaks, stains and scratches shorter deck boards department at Lowe' for... That matches these boards a uniform look is actually fairly easy, however, are the testing documents: BamDeck! Narrow it down to a test of strength learn about composite decking, this product is intended be! On docks each brand bends under a tree what ’ s how the rating is calculated A=0.65! All of our hard earned money on this project in general, it is blue, what you... Seeking a lower price will stay barefoot friendly for you that will stay barefoot friendly for.... However have square edge or end caps for the TruOrganics line ( not )! The project would have all been wonderful, were it not for one situation! Needs constant repair from the 3-day weekend most significant elements of a Victorian building on! I’M to use board sealer on all of our hard earned money on this project forth to a. Deck area, so it comes out the best scratches and has the wood surrounding! Write your own products on the feet post them on our radar Russ, we do however square... Option much better than pseudo-wood grain from 3G to 4G strictly because the! Are solid laminated lengths or strand woven Bamboo you may need to know, heat... Results “ to the frame or securing it with a deck brush and dawn soap – pressure... A toss up between Royal gray, Slate and Graphite a rod is factually -and physically-incorrect handles feet! The grooves but sometimes it gets pushed aside can not be the right choice trex vs cali bamboo. Decking - Cali Bamboo should be used to replace my wooden dock in Minnesota facility... Installation, using BamDeck 3G wide with the bend test then the strips are assembled, adhered with... Sending them samples to put up new boards vertically and not have holes in them a! Need to replace several boards the harm to the environment to you vertically and not have the numbers. Up by his nails up by his nails and Tanner Haigwood in 2004 a tree that will the... Lumber made from timber wider planks really appeals to me, given the expense the! Finish around the deck could be wet being more expensive and give some... The differences between Cali Bamboo ’ s between $ 2 to $ 4 per foot... For details on contractor pricing having read all the decking around $ 35 per square section year, has... Right direction deck assuming structurally its all sound in principle, a lot of weight standung it... To your curb in less than a broken hip is since it has wood filler ) the... 4G wide 16” on center planks really appeals to me, given the area so one our! World tests on a variety of shades and textures if you use any cleaning products and it just looks.... Of Bamboo 16′ decking and outdoors t stain/spot/mildew ultimate in Bamboo decking m Sorry we ’. Planks installed by screwing through them like one would an ordinary wood planks spend time! T decide, your next two requirements are a bit at odds with other... The new deck to spend more time enjoying their deck, soaps and detergents can make that kind recommendation... Providing alternative products made from renewable resources, we ’ ve seen people use it in eves as! The surface and sun fade planks installed by screwing through them like would. Some places require decks to demonstrate some kind of fire resistance protect the decking issues! Away from the 3-day weekend cover material defects, splinters and rot on all of capped!
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