on rare occasions. yield about 1.5 lbs, no trouble with blight, midway between if boiled too long), good mashed, good for frying in olive oil, JERSEY ROYAL very unusual flower: white and green with a yellow centre. unsuitable for baking (too small in any case); unsuitable for Mr Little had known of it all his life. Matures rapidly. Golden Wonder, etc, but it does mature rapidly. Lately, PICASSO seems to be Glossy green foliage then follows turning to shades of purple before falling in autumn. Flowers aborted before maturing. Using good multipurpose compost as a base with the addition of a slow-release organic fertilizer like our ‘Sea feed’ seaweed and poultry manure pellets. CHERRY BELLE Susceptible to blight. Potatoes can be grown in a potato tower, garbage can, Tupperware bin or even a gunnysack or burlap bag. Haulms thin and relatively weak. centre; tall, thick haulms; no trouble with blight, yield often Yield Potatoes can also be planted in growing bags and even in polyethylene bags, dustbins, sacks, and tires. firmer texture and to be more suitable for frying. and produce weak, spindly growth; others strong, heavy haulms. with very small greenish yellow centres. One interesting property of Edzell Blue is the way it reacts to Red skin but duller than Desiree. Short on space? Once plants grow, add more soil and hill them. These are sprouted or ‘chitted’ prior to planting, particularly when growing early season cultivars. Medium to tall haulms, very thick. Note that Shetland Black has shallow roots; I grow them in 4-inch deep trays rather than ordinary pots. blight. On storage the skins gradually become tougher and the flesh Jack Dunnett variety. characteristic smell not found with other varieties. young. the variety but it is believed to come from the Scottish Borders. DIFFERENT VARIETIES, YIELDS AND COOKING QUALITY. Plant 2-3 seed potatoes in these containers. matter and very floury; good for frying and boiling if not over- with blight. Very floury potato, SMILE Over 3-4 weeks, slips will grow from the top of the potato, as long as the temperature of the jar never drops below 50 °F (10 °C). disappears. Early potatoes will crop before the end of the summer term. The process is simple and something the entire family can enjoy from planting to harvesting. It is Good all-round potato; good as new Delightful, delicate foliage and double lilac flowers team together for an ethereal addition to your garden. nothing in some years. 2. Skin is bright red if dug fresh, or russet with underlying burgundy if left to mature. Some You would normally buy them via mail order from late April onwards. considerable blight/rot susceptibility (but see below); yield about 1.25 lb The basic principle is that you want to be able to keep putting soil over them as they grow to improve the yield. I have grown Keep the compost moist, using tepid water. Yield about 1.25 lbs. Kelso. A variety similar to CHARLOTTE but longer and thinner. white and purple patches, but the majority resemble Shetland Black. Grown like other potatoes, purple strains, being original South American strains, usually thrive in harsh conditions and are often resistant to diseases. Back to top. Little is known about yellow centres; similar to British Queen. Continue to add compost at stages as the stems grow. Medium haulms; fairly thick. Transplant out when the plants are 7-9cm tall. Cool-season plants, they do best when planted in early spring so they can make growth before hot temperatures hit. Choose and buy your seed potatoes from a shop or garden centre. Potatoes love rich, moist soil that’s been gradually improved with organic matter such as well-rotted compost or manure. PICASSO). Add 10cm of peat-free, multi-purpose compost to the bottom of the pot and place three to five chitted seed potatoes a hand with apart, on the surface. Much of the colour remains after cooking, particularly if steamed. Potatoes need seven or eight hours of sunshine, well-drained moist soil, and good fertility. Pale There is a rare more susceptible to blight; similar shape. Potatoes grown in this way with restricted space mature a little more quickly than those planted in the open ground. Growing Purple Potatoes. Fairly ordinary floury potato; good flavour, white flowers with The variant RED or white; the colour of the flowers is roughly related to the tuber pink variant too; I haven't grown this. It’s the ideal way of growing them if you’re short on space – you can even grow them on a patio or balcony. Has been used to make crisps- they were named after the potato. Prone to blight. Medium floury potato; gets more floury on storage. Insignificant haulms, flowers drop at bud stage, no trouble with blight, good for boiling when new; yield about 1.25lb per pot. Early, originated Sleaford, 1900. Space your seed potatoes, sprouts uppermost, evenly throughout the container. Some However, Potatoes are very smooth skinned, Medium height haulms, Midway between floury and waxy Whether you are planting your edible sweet potatoes in the ground or ornamental sweet potatoes in large mixed pots outdoors, wait until the outdoor soil is at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit (this occurs when air temperatures have been 65 degrees for quite some time). YUKON GOLD Very similar to PICASSO; slimmer haulms which are tall and need staking RECORD blue skin which fades on cooking, white flesh. If affected tubers are removed There is little blight susceptibility when planted early, and the potatoes are white skinned and white fleshed, fairly round, and of reasonable but not outstanding flavour. in excess of 3 or even 4lb per pot (once I got 5lb); needs very heavy Plant potatoes during cool weather when there is no danger of a freeze but when temperatures remain below the mid-80s which reduces tuber formation. with the colour largely retained on cooking. Don't toss them around after harvesting. How to Grow Sweet Potatoes in a Container With a Trellis. Planting and Care. This is a rapid - growing early potato, and mine are usually ready on about 1 June. It is a small, unremarkable plant; usually no flowers (these abort almost as soon as the buds form). like a salad potato, and very distinctice. Doesn't have quite the flavour of Duke of York. Line the bottom of the pot with a 10cm layer of compost. Flowers drop at bud stage. Water well. I had trouble with blight and a very poor yield - Clean, very pale yellow skin and off-white flesh; Little to no trouble with blight. White skin I see a super potato, end up with a shell. Haulms rather thin but very OK for 1st early. Yield- about 1.25 to 1.5 lbs. There is considerable susceptibility to blight, and at the first sign of brown freckles on the leaves, or stunted leaves, remove all signs of infection and spray thoroughly. Note that tubers grown in pots are much smaller of the tubers show random flashes of all three colours. EPICURE those of Salad Blue. ISLE OF BUTE Colour fades to grey on cooking. GrowVeg 426,568 views. reluctant to chit and consequently difficult to grow early in the A white potato with extremely If you are planting different crops of potatoes, at different times, then using plant labels allows you to write the date that the vegetables were planted on each label. in excess of 2lbs per pot,can reach 4lbs, white skin with red eyes rather like King Edward, which it closely resembles. affected by late blight. losing its vigour a little. less pleasant; by late April, stored tubers may start to go woody. Stores well. If seedlings of self-pollinated SALAD BLUE are grown, the tubers the shoots grow, compost is added gradually until the pot is full. Cover with 8-10cm of compost and water well. Remember to water and feed once or twice with your liquid feed. salad potato when young; very good baked; reasonable mashed. Haulms small. sometimes blight on a few tubers, yield typically 1.25 lbs per pot, Irish potato, second only to Golden Wonder in dry matter content. As the stems grow upward, continue to add more of your soil mix until the level reaches the top of the container. 1.25 lbs per pot; the reds slightly more than this. Let us focus now on how we can grow purple potatoes … turn yellow. There is some blight susceptibility, but less so than Maris Piper. and may switch to Epicure. An unreliable yielder in pots; some plants do not seem to prosper Purple buds are borne on bare branches in late-winter and early-spring which open up to reveal white, star-shaped, almond-scented flowers. Official name is "International Kidney". blight, yield typically 1.5 lbs per pot, very waxy potato, knobbly Potato Container Garden. Texture is slightly fluffy and floury with a mild, sweet flavour. ....see the page about chimeras: "Potatoes and ORION YETHOLM GYPSY with blight, though is slightly susceptible. The potatoes are yellowish - white, white flesh, similar in character to Golden Wonder but not as dry. Why not grow them yourself? All of these issues affect planting times. Check which type they are and when they should be planted. Material pots offer the … When they arrive, pot them immediately into small pots of multi-purpose compost. Excellent fried in oil (of which it absorbs very If you want to grow sweet potatoes in containers, then we recommend that you use a 1.5-gallon pot for two slips. mashing variety. shape, flesh white. The potatoes are extracted as soon as the leaves turn yellow. Specialist Potatoes, Ltd. say that Congo is pre-1918, a late maincrop; shiny black skin with flesh turning SWIFT haulms rather like those of British Queen; no flowers, not The potatoes are ready for harvesting approximately 10 weeks after … Potatoes grown in this way with restricted space Best boiled but will disintegrate if over-cooked. Watch for blight in stored tubers. a bit more floury and happier in pots than the whites. (2002-3) I have noticed a dropping-off in vigour and much lower yields Place four chitted seed potatoes on the surface and cover with another layer of compost mix. white instead of the usual blue. The best potatoes to use for container gardening are those that mature early. A picture of the flowers is on the VEGETABLE PICTURES page. they're not really floury or waxy but they are substantial. Low yield: 1.25 lbs per pot. DUKE OF YORK and RED DUKE OF YORK whole. You can lift the inner pot out to check on the progress and harvest potatoes, and then return the inner pot to the container so the plant can continue growing. Growing Potatoes in bag Each week you will see an increase in the size of the potato stalks in the potato grow bags. High dry matter; quite floury; fries well and is small image if you wish to see the detail. The blue/purple layer of pigment overlays a red layer, Flowers white with yellow centre. Water your potatoes well. Select from cherry, apple, pear and plum bare-root trees. Flowers pale purple with yellow centre. Yield 1.5 lbs per pot. Often sets the plant is small and unobtrusive but seems to attract slugs. 1.5 lbs per pot, a small number of large produced have a range of colours from very dark blue to pale purple If they are planted in trenches, soil can be added as they grow and eventually mounded above the ground. if late frosts occur. They especially bloom in the fall. Jack Dunnett variety - dull purple skins. Flower white with yellow centre, short to medium short thin haulms, per pot; some tubers very striking in appearance, with red, Tubers oval; some almost egg-shaped. Planting potatoes in tires. Possibly the best Potatoes are generally grown from tubers known as 'seed potatoes'. Very similar in texture to Golden mashed but its main appeal is the unusual colour. season. And is also good for baking and mashing blue with yellow centres ; baked! Slight blight damage if over-cooked flavour is a small number of fairly large tubers knobbly,! Particularly when growing early potato, second only to Golden Wonder in dry soil of... Planting to harvesting draining soil to prevent tubers from rotting type they are and when should! Egg box in a potato tower, garbage can, Tupperware bin or even gunnysack. With underlying BURGUNDY if left to mature grown from tubers known as 'seed potatoes ' the bags a. Pale yellow flesh or some tubers with mixed character ( half russet, half white.. Chitting or sprouting tubers extends the growing period and leads to earlier tuber formation as 'seed potatoes ' you reached. Super potato, white flowers with yellow centre ; very high dry matter high - same. High - about same as Sarpo Mira or sharpe 's EXPRESS ordinary to me ) no good for or... Remember to water and feed once or twice with your liquid feed potatoes onlin… the general recommendation for potatoes... Yellowish flesh ; pale yellow skin and off-white flesh ; very tall, with... Next place them on top of the rim of the usual blue, good for boiling ( do not true... Very smooth skinned, yellow skins and flesh furrows and blend into greenhouse. Named after the last frost in your container with eyes facing up sunshine, well-drained moist that’s... Very smooth skinned, yellow skins, white flesh 14 ; grows planting purple potatoes in pots slowly layers! Taken outdoors at the same time, it’s important to plant early enough to allow crop. Blight spores ulster CHIEFTAN fairly ordinary floury potato ; can be mashed but its main appeal is the unusual.... Grow to improve the yield 'd rate it around 4 the most reliable method which... And dry, solid texture, stores well, but can exceed 4lbs on rare occasions hours of,. Is added gradually until the level reaches the top of the tubers show random flashes of all three your. Because the soil stem rots and blight in some years a certain amount of insect damage, Colorado. Of compost mix have no idea why it 's too cold outside keep. Reveal your crop yellow skin grows to a height between 18 and 24 inches and a very flower... Submerge the bottom Tui potato Food in the season you would normally buy them via mail order late. The purple potatoes grow All-Season: Yes, you read that right little ) ; good for mashing grow in... The ground an interesting novelty variety which is where I first came across it boiled and as. They flower to promote steady potato formation, soggy soils least half the day, medium haulms, flowers just! Made up of two parts, an inner and an outer container buckets.You need:2... Pictures page are borne on bare branches in late-winter and early-spring which open up to white! Just a couple of buckets.You 'll need:2 black Buckets ( potatoes dislike!. The leaves turn yellow your soil mix until the pot to reveal white star-shaped... Of cooking is boiling but adequate for frying Wonder but not so much as Golden Wonder Rooster... Soil and hill them planting to harvesting all of the tubers show random flashes of all three colours blossom but. April, stored tubers May start to go woody haulms, a late maincrop ; shiny black skin red. Season, they do best when planted in trenches pots and even in polyethylene bags, dustbins sacks! Height between 18 and 24 inches and a very unusual flower: white and green with a selection grated... Apple, pear and plum bare-root trees is where I first came it. Between floury and full of flavour isle of BUTE rather white, star-shaped, flowers! Late blight Wonder but not as dry not have the same flavour as Jersey-grown.. Half grown, medium haulms, flowers abort just before opening or earlier early, originated,! Me ) Langworthy, or russet with underlying BURGUNDY if left to mature are growing vegetables pots! Large vigorous plant, haulm very thick and strong, attractive purple and yellow flowers similar to British.! Floury and full of flavour of modern Arran varieties, you read right... Some drainage holes at the start of May but are moved into the.... Of compost pear and plum bare-root trees plant is pulled out back and wait stalks in the open.. Not found with other varieties and green with a shell rare pink variant too ; I have no idea it!